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My Story and Our Upcoming Free Strength Club for Girls

By Jessica | In News | on August 22, 2016

People often assume that I am an athlete and fitness enthusiast turned trainer/gym owner. This is really quite far from the truth. Growing up I enjoyed being active and always participated in sports but I was never very good. I lacked confidence, skill, and the persistence required to get better. In high school I participated in a variety of sports. I enjoyed these activities enough that I was willing to participate even if it meant being on the JV team or spending the majority of the game on the bench but my high school friends definitely wouldn’t describe me as an athlete.

In my teens my mother got into fitness and joined Gloria Stevens Fitness Salon. This was my first introduction to organized fitness outside of school. I would tag along on occasion and she would show me things at home that she had learned during her sessions. In later years Gloria’s changed hands numerous times eventually morphing into something you would all now recognize as a gym. I even worked there in the early years of my fitness career.

As a college student, I took up smoking and continued until I found out I was pregnant with my first child at 26. My diet through my twenties was horrible. I had no idea that protein was important and was lucky if I ate a serving of vegetables every few days. I’m sorry to say that even as a parent while I loved to cook and regularly made elaborate homemade meals for my family I also fed them more sugar in various forms than they probably should have eaten in a lifetime. I think back now to nursing babies on a diet that consisted of Pop Tarts, lasagna, and ice cream. It’s really no wonder I lacked energy and felt stressed.

Fast forward to now. I find myself a gym owner, personal trainer and nutrition coach. My diet while far from perfect has come a long way and for me to workout less than three times a week is pretty much unheard of.  I credit my mom in many ways for my career path. Attending exercise classes with my mom gave me the confidence to walk into any fitness facility in the future and feel like I belonged.   I’m not saying it’s always easy…in fact they still make me nervous. She also taught me the importance of being active regularly in spite of the fact that you may be the least coordinated or fit person in the room.

I am really excited to find myself in a position of opportunity to help not only women like myself who have never felt successful athletically and may not be doing all the right things nutritionally, but also their daughters. For this reason I’ve decided to form a FREE strength club for girls ages 14-18. The goal of the group is to give all girls the tools they need to be healthy and fit regardless of where they are starting and regardless of any preconceived notions about their athleticism. They will sweat together in a supportive non-competitive environment where everyone will have an opportunity to set goals and to see them selves grow stronger. They will gain the confidence to survive and even conquer any gym environment their futures hold.

If you’d like to learn more about how to be fit for life copy and paste this link into your browser https://oceanbluefitness.wufoo.com/forms/ocean-blue-fitness-strength-club-for-girls/