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Ocean Blue Fitness 12 Month Nutrition For Life Program Starts 9/5/16!

By Jessica | In News | on August 15, 2016

Four years ago I earned my certification as a Precision Nutrition level 1 Coach.  After receiving my certification PN asked me if I would like to learn more about the coaching process by becoming a client.   I signed up assuring myself that it was all about helping my clients and gaining perspective on their experience.  What I found out was that it was really very much all about me; and that was okay, and in fact it was exactly what I needed.

As I immersed myself in the program I became aware of the uncomfortable reality that I wasn’t happy with my body.  As a fitness professional, I wanted to be a role model and also to feel confident that I could help my clients make the changes they were hoping to make. Despite regular exercise (one might even say excessive) for years and now a wealth of nutrition knowledge I had yet to achieve a body I felt comfortable with.  In my mind a lean physique was still something one achieved through excessive dieting and uncomfortable restriction.

It was scary in those first months to admit that I wasn’t participating in the PN program for everyone else and to finally admit and accept my desire to change my own body… after all now failure was possible.  Fortunately, I didn’t fail that year.  What I did do was learn that a leaner physique was completely possible without huge sacrifice and discomfort.  I also learned the power of having a coach by my side.  This was the first time in my life that I felt like I really had someone whose job it was to support me.  I loved having a coach and have made it a point to continue hiring coaches for things in my life that are important to me.

The PN Lean Eating Program was truly life changing for me.  It taught me the power of changing one habit at a time.  While enrolled in the certification course I jumped in changing lots of things about my diet at the same time.  I did not bother with habits also mentioned in the course like eating slowly.  I thought I was beyond all that; and after all, I ate sitting down at a table on most occasions.  Little did I know this powerful habit of eating slowly would be so critical, in fact, it would make everything else fall into place.  If you’re not eating slowly you’re making weight loss and maintenance a lot harder than it needs to be.

My body is not the only thing that changed that year.  My mindset changed as well.  I came to realize that there is no perfect body and accepting myself was far more powerful than any physical achievement.  Liking yourself and treating yourself with compassion today is ironically critical to changing who you are tomorrow. If you’re ready to stop punishing yourself with restrictive diets and really want change then it’s time to change the way you think about weight loss.   Stop attempting the same methods that have failed you over and over again and join a program that will truly change your body, your mind and your life.  You deserve it.

Our Nutrition for Life Program modeled after the PN Lean Eating Program starts on September 5th, 2016.  We have limited spots available.  To reserve a spot or learn more go to https://oceanbluefitness.wufoo.com/forms/no-more-quick-fixesonly-real-solutions/  or call us at 563-2668.