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Ocean Blue Fitness is an independently owned and operated fitness facility specializing in Semi-Private Training. We offer each member an individualized training plan that is uniquely suited to their body and their goals. Members train in groups of 3 or 4 with one trainer in a format well known for creating great energy and great results. In conjunction with training members are offered access to our highly effective nutrition programming which helps them to optimize their results. We pride ourselves on offering a distinctive service. Our facility is as exceptional as our training and unlike any in the area. If you desire individual attention, a professional staff, and of course spectacular results we are the gym for you.

Having spent years as a fitness instructor teaching indoor cycling, step aerobics, cardio workouts, strength training and more, I knew I wanted something more from my fitness experience. For many hard core fitness lovers, marathons, triathlons and the like bring a great sense of satisfaction and a provide a purpose for their training. Never having had a great desire to compete in one of these races I felt a bit lost. I began to wonder what would substitute for these activities. I settled on the notion that what I really yearned for was a sense of challenge and out of this revelation was born the idea of starting a Fitness Boot Camp.

Unlike traditional fitness classes Boot Camp, and Outdoor Boot Camp in particular, provide a sense of ongoing challenge and therefore accomplishment to the participant. The first Ocean Blue Fitness Boot Camp was held at Dodge Point in Newcastle in the summer of 2009. For those of you who don’t remember, it rained incessantly that summer. This was pre computer sign-ups etc. and I showed up every morning at 6am hoping someone else would too. Fortunately, my teenage son was feeling particularly cooperative that summer and he usually came along and allowed me to practice on him.

Eventually I had a participant or two and we moved over to the Damariscotta Mills where we would swim after our workouts. It was beautiful and the summer ended on a positive note. That fall I grabbed a bunch of moms from my kids’ school and we started meeting on Pemaquid Beach three mornings a week. It was a fantastic winter and we were surprised to find out how much we loved being outdoors. We definitely felt “hard core” and challenged by both the workouts and the environment.

In the spring of 2010 I ran a very successful fundraiser Boot Camp at Great Salt Bay School and developed a following that continued throughout the summer. Having a larger group allowed for lots of fun games and really mixed things up in comparison to my small beach group. To accommodate some of my evening participants I ran a TRX class evenings in Rockland that winter but I think we all agreed that even though we loved TRX something was missing. Looking back it was surely the sense of challenge and accomplishment that we had enjoyed with boot camp.

In the spring of 2011 we started back at Great Salt Bay school and then over to Lincoln Academy to raise money for the music program. By summers end we had a great core group and I had a few instructors who were helping out and interested in being involved in the fun new fitness venture in town. When winter started the evening crew was not ready to call it quits so we headed over to the Damariscotta River Association donning head lamps and long underwear. Fortunately, at some point a friend came up with the idea of temporarily moving indoors to the space we are in now.

I owe a huge debt of gratitude to my landlords, the Reny’s, who, inspired by my vision, took a leap of faith and engaged in a much greater than anticipated renovation. Somehow one thing led to another and the space took shape. Members and friends donated their equipment, painted, cleaned, and even contributed works of art to elevate the space to a new level. I’m not sure how we ever managed to get it all done but we moved in and had our first Ocean Blue Fitness Indoor Boot Camp on November 1st.

So much has happened since then and I’m often asked about the Boot Camp days. We now offer primarily semi-private training. Why the change? As it turns out, while Boot Camp was great for many people, it didn’t allow me to reach out to the average person to the extent that I had hoped. As I learned more about what was going on in the fitness industry I found a style of training that not only appealed to a broader audience than Boot Camp but also delivered better results. Whether it is pushing a weighted sled down the gym turf, lifting a barbell for the first time, conquering the heavy ropes or doing their first pull up; we inspire our members everyday to exceed their expectations of themselves.