everything you need to get off to a fantastic start in your first eight weeks…

We began by thinking about how we could produce a program that would help people achieve something truly remarkable in eight weeks; something that would inspire them to new heights of health and fitness. We were tired of the same old weight loss focused programs and wanted something more in line with our core values; a program that would truly reflect who we are as a business and as fitness professionals at Ocean Blue. What resulted was the STRONGER Program; a program that honestly reflects the knowledge we have gained working with hundreds of people over the past ten years looking to improve their lives though health and fitness.

It starts with an initial meeting where we review your goals, your ability to commit time, your physical health and fitness and any other information that you and your coach feel is relevant. We then help you to develop a strength goal and a design a plan to help you achieve it. Based on your goal and your ability to train, you’ll have up to four appointments a week with a coach. We’ll help you nail down exercise technique as well as monitor your bodies response to the program we’ve designed; making any necessary adjustments along the way.

We all know that nutrition is a key component to achieving success with any fitness goal. We also know that everyone is at a different place with nutrition and has their own ideas about what they need in order to make progress. You’ll be given the option to choose the nutrition plan that’s right for you today; ranging from nothing at all, to a detailed individualized meal plan or a weekly casual conversation about what’s going well and what isn’t. The final component of the program is a weekly check in with your coach. Support, coaching, and accountability are the essence of the STRONGER Program. Let’s see what you can achieve when all the right things are put into place!