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Ocean Blue Fitness is a contemporary fitness studio located at 64 Chapman Street in Damariscotta Maine. The staff of Ocean Blue Fitness are exceptionally well trained and hold numerous certifications in fitness and Pilates. Breaking with tradition we have chosen to take an integrated approach; fusing concepts and equipment from both Pilates and fitness to provide a comprehensive program for our members.

Integrating proper posture, alignment and overall body awareness gained via Pilates training, with functional strength, balance and flexibility training allows us to provide an optimal program for our members. Pure Pilates Reformer sessions and Strength training sessions are an option for those who prefer a more singular focus however a typical individualized training plan will incorporate elements of both; including Pilates reformer exercises where appropriate.

Classes are included in our memberships and are designed to complement your training and reformer sessions. We invite you to experience the difference of a staff and studio dedicated to excellence in training, equipment and facility.

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We have both semi-private and private sessions available. Combine Pilates reformer sessions with unlimited access to classes for a truly flexible and well rounded routine.



Our unique training blends both fitness and Pilates concepts and equipment. Strengthen your core, improve your balance and flexibility and build strength and stamina for doing the things you love.

experience the ocean blue difference